"Get the bird."

"Get the book."

This is the spell the Aunts use for the townswomen who want love,
or at least a specific man.

Note: Witches generally do not cast love spells at all
(it infringes upon others' free will), or any spells for money.



Obliviosus Imemor is the spell that Gillian casts on Detective Gary Hallet,
to send him away. Judging from the title, I would think it is a 'forgetting' spell.





4 oz Braided Wheat Straw bundles
2 oz Blue Sage
2 oz Mandragora
1 Tbl Henbane pulp...

The spell that brings Jimmy Angelov back.

(Note: Henbane is poisonous.)




Two more illustrations from the Owens' Books of Shadows.